Notes I found on my phone from an Art Festival I went to

Hanging out with my dad meant blasting John Lennon through open windows on a vacant highway on the way to a museum or something art related. As the years went by, I learned to enjoy the wind as it relentlessly played with my hair. With only two hours left, we paid for valet parking and dove into the festival. We rushed from exhibit to exhibit, making me crave a deeper bond with the artwork.

Then, it happened.

I don’t remember stopping but suddenly I wasn’t in a building. A crisp forest breeze breathed its way around my body. You could smell the pine in the air, pictures weren’t allowed to be taken but I still remember the longing feeling Ray Brown’s artwork made me feel. Reality shook me as my dad called me from the corner. I stared at Brown's artwork some more before moving on.

I personally didn’t mind the limited time we had. I wanted to take my sweet time and enjoy each exhibit. I wanted to take in everything I felt about one person’s artwork and let the emotions breathe through my body. I could see people walking around mesmerized. Genuine truth. That's what it felt like. We were all sharing this moment together. Imagine if the world could be like this every second. Art really connects people in an unique way.

Gerald Schwartz AKA Mad Man Schwartz

His paintings were obvious and blurring. "It’s just like how you view life, some things are crystal clear and some things are out of focus” - Schwartz

Schwartz's painting "Light Showers" feeds hope to its audience. "Even if it’s real dark, you can always find light somewhere." -Schwartz

I asked him how he got to where he he is now. He replied "always push on the envelope. There’s always doubt but that makes me want to reach even further. Doubt is just the state of mind. If you can doubt, you can un-doubt. You have to believe in yourself without judgement. Keep reaching for perfection. Whatever it is, without judgement of the self. It’s not an easy road but it’s my choice."

Thoughts inspired by the art and its artists:

  • You have to do things in the moment sometimes when you feel the drive. Otherwise you might never do it at all.
  • You can't do things expecting an outcome. You have to do it for the emotions you feel during the process.

KNXLL, Know x All


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