Alice in Wonderland for a Day | The Found Shop

We definitely didn't capture enough pictures. This store had so much. So much.

I don't know how to explain the magic of this place. The front of the store has this really cute set up with pillows. Sitting there and looking at the passing cars made me feel like Ryan Gosling would walk around the corner and spontaneously do a musical with me.


Besides the knick knacks, the store was filled with furniture. Every piece looked like it had an inviting story to tell. You'd touch it and immediately feel attached. From quality clothing to one of a kind artwork, truly a place to be lost.


I wanted to stay longer but my friend wanted to adventure around.

In a haste, we rushed to see the train. Not to ride on it of course, that'd be ridiculous.


Sarcasm is a real disease y'all.


We stopped on a bridge to take a few pictures and took some artistic shots.

The night began to get cold. Thank god I brought an extra jacket. The one on top's for my friend who told me I would never wear the jacket. I got it on sale ...for $60. Definitely worth it.


Good night socal

KNXLL, Know x All